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When contacting David Ashley we will ask you a series of questions to help understand your requirements and budget and together making your perfect engagement ring. Below are some of the questions we might ask.

What’s your deadline?

As each ring is made specifically for the diamond some designs take longer than others but don’t worry what ever it is we will sort it.

What’s your budget?

This helps are team find the most desirable diamond for your budget

Have you been looking online or in shops?

This helps us understand what you have seen so far and understand your current knowledge.

What style of ring are you looking for?

This helps us narrow down your selection and stops confusion.

What type of diamond or semi precious stone are you looking for?

We will speak about the 4 c’s and other semi-precious stone and what you need to find a Shinning diamond

What’s her finger size?

This can sometimes be tricky but don’t worry I am sure together we will work it out

Do you know what metal you like?

Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold

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